Crescent Cemetery

Crescent Cemetery does not have an office on site.  For questions or information. please contact the cemetery sexton, Mark Minson at 801-414-4898.

The cemetery is open for visitors 24 hours a day, although we recommend that visitor do not wander in the cemetery after dark.  There is uneven ground and hidden objects that may cause a loss of footing or serous fall.

Cemetery Fees


Resident Fees

Single Plot - $600

Infant Plot - $300

Open/Close - $700

Open/Close Infant - $300


Non-Resident Fees

Single Plot - $1200

Infant Plot - $300

Open/Close - $800

Open/Close Infant - $300


Additional Fees

Saturday Service - $150

Double Depth - $100 (first burial only)

Witness covering the grave - $100

After 3:30 - $250

If there is any question about pricing, please contact the sexton at 801-414-4898



Crescent Cemetery does not offer any recommendations for headstones.  There are many companies in the area who offer a multitude of options for marking a loved ones grave.

Limitations on the size of a headstone are as follow:

Single Plot - 36" x 18" x 48" high.

Double Plot - 72" x 18" x 48" high.

6" concrete mow strip is required.

Marker material must be granite or brass.


To search burial records or see a map of the cemetery follow this link to our search site Names In Stone