Crescent Cemetery Info 7-1-23



During the growing season powerful mowing and trimming equipment is used to keep the cemetery grounds beautiful.  Because of this, all decorations must be on the headstone or vases built into the headstone.  NO shepherds hooks, baskets or any other decorations of any kind are allowed in grass next to the headstone.

The only exception to this policy is for new graves that do not yet have a headstone.  In this case decorations are allowed next to the temporary maker only.


During the winter months, when we are not mowing, all manner of decorations are allowed as long as they are not unsightly or encroach on other burial sites.  As decorations become weathered or damaged, they will be removed.


Any decoration is allowed at Christmas time.  However, we do not allow glass of any kind in the cemetery.  Please do not place glass vases, ornaments, marbles, etc.  Please be mindful of others when you are placing decorations.


Decoration removal

All decorations will be removed at then end of the winter season.  Our scheduled time for removal is the first week of March.  If you have decorations that you wish to keep, they must be removed before the first week of March or they will be discarded.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day decorations will be removed the Saturday after Memorial Day.

Other Holidays

Holiday decorations will be removed 1 week following the holiday.

*All funeral flowers will be cleaned up 1 week following the services.
*At the discretion of the cemetery staff, all old and unsightly decorations will be removed.